Arizona Magic Youth Outreach Inc.

About Us

Arizona Magic Youth Outreach Inc. was established to help change the lives of the youth in the state of Arizona through the use of athletics. This 501 C-3 Non-Profit organization is the leader in the athletics industry in Arizona through the organization of athletic camps and tournaments, while providing positive messages for all those involved. This non-profit entity will provide each student-athlete with excellence in an effort to produce excellence. We will provide each student-athlete with respect, while also providing the youth with positive role models and mentor development.

Through the development of our athletic camps and tournaments for the youth, we will bring in athletes to instruct the youth that are committed to excellence in their own lives. We will provide an atmosphere for learning as well as fun. Our athletic tournaments will concentrate on bringing exposure to all those involved, providing an atmosphere for growth.

Arizona Magic Youth Outreach Inc. is dedicated to quality; quality service as well as quality people. It is our mission to change lives through excellence. Athletics is just our way of doing it.

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The Main thrust of our Sponsorship activities is to properly fund the development and initiation of our TOPS program.  Simply put, TOPS is about giving student athletes a “real shot” at advancing their education through academics and athletic achievement.  It addresses the “must have” A,B,C’s of college recruiting….“A”cademic Eligibility, “B”asketball Ability, and “C”haractor.  These are the building blocks for success for our athletes.

The facts are if you don’t have the talent necessary to reach your goals … it just won’t happen. Our program assists players in identifying what it takes to succeed, and provides them access to the quality training it takes to develop their full potential.  The earlier this process starts for them, the better.


Talent, without the opportunity to display that talent, is far too often, a sad reality.  While we can’t guarantee success, we do believe every kid deserves the opportunity to develop and showcase their talents on the national stage.  We provide that platform.


Ultimately, success is all about consistently “getting it done”, when it counts most.  A major key to consistent championship performance is proper preparation.  Our goal is to teach our athletes how to become their “best”, on and off the court.


It is our belief that if a student athlete does not possess the academic skills to qualify to participate in student athletics, they will not have the smarts necessary to lead a fulfilling life, long after their playing days are over.  We feel that education is definitely the most important part of the TOPS program.



This program will be designed to prepare our student athletes to qualify academically for athletic scholarships at the high school level and succeed at the college level, once they are accepted.  The success team approach will integrate and align the efforts of students, parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators.


Areas of emphasis will include:  Getting Real (what does it really take to succeed and how do you measure up), Setting Goals, Time Management, Study Skills, Reading and Writing Skills, Test Taking, Effective Communication, Nutrition, Creating a Winning Learning Environment, and Building and Utilizing your Success Team.


This program will be designed to work “backwards” from the college level to middle school.  Mentors will be available each and every step of the way.

The second part of the college program deals with preparing the student athlete on what they can expect as they enter their first year of college.  For many student athletes this transition can be very difficult.  Most are not adequately prepared for their rigors of college level academics and of the business like environment of big time athletics.  Our goal is to make the transition as comfortable as possible so that our student athletes get off to a fast start in both the classroom and the court.

Areas of emphasis will include: Time Management, Study Skills, The Importance of Good Nutrition, Leadership, Goal Setting, Creating a Balanced Experience, Managing Your Money, Life in the Dorms, Dealing with injuries, Doing well your Freshman year, and Handling Stress. This same approach will be used for our middle school kids to prepare them for high school.


We believe “It’s not just what you get, and where you go, but who you become, in the process.”  This section of the program is about developing and transferring life skills from the court to the bigger game of life.  It is about playing a big game and winning the big games of sports, school career, relationships, finances, and contribution.


This program will start the kids form where they are … help take them where they want to go.  No matter where they end up in their sport, they will become winners from the person growth they will experience going through the process.


ALL participants of our program will have numerous opportunities to experience the joy of giving back and making the difference in other people’s lives.  This may be on of the greatest “gifts” that will be made available to our participants.  Our players will visit the child hospital twice a year to try to make these unfortunately kids lives a bit better.