Arizona Magic Youth Outreach Inc.

East Valley/Chandler (AZMagic/Passion Academy)

The Arizona Magic Basketball Club is proud to introduce the Arizona Magic Passion Basketball Training Academy, held in Chandler at Gold Medal Gym.   Our training focuses on game style training, where we work to develop the fundamental skills, advanced skills, and the basketball I.Q. needed to be successful.    Training is lead by Justin Allen, the founder of Passion4ball Basketball and Director of Basketball Operations for the Arizona Magic.  Justin was an 2 time All-State player in Illinois, played collegiate basketball at Arizona State University, and played professionally for five years in leagues all over the world.    Justin has been training and coaching youth, high school, and collegiate players since 2008 and is known for his passion for the game of basketball and his attention to detail.

Register Here If you are interested in playing/training with the AZ Magic Passion

    MANAGEMENT STAFF – East Valley



    6:00pm – 7:00pm  (9yrs – 11yrs – 3rd – 5th grade)

    7:00pm – 8:00pm (12-14yrs – 6th -8th grade)


    6:00pm – 7:00pm  (9yrs – 11yrs – 3rd – 5th grade)

    7:00pm – 8:00pm (12-14yrs – 6th -8th grade)


    5-8 yrs old Mini Ballers Academy


    1. All Living Social Deals will be accepted all the way until the end of 2014
    2. Session packages can be purchased at the start of each month, and must be used during the calendar month.
    3. You can drop in for extra sessions for a $30 dollar session fee
    4. There are between 8-10 sessions per month total
    5. When teams are formed, players can chose to participate on an Arizona Magic Passion team.

    Scholarships are available: Ask us how?


    September  Session
    Wednesday Sept 3 Shooting Fundamentals
    Monday Sept 8th Ball Handling
    Wednesday Sept 10th Footwork Shooting
    Monday Sept 15th Offensive Moves
    Wednesday Sept 17th one on one Defense
    Monday Sept 22nd Post footwork/moves
    Wednesday Sept 24th offensive movement
    Monday Sept 29th Getting yourself open
    October Session
    Wednesday October 1st Shooting Fundamentals
    Monday October 6th Basketball IQ
    Wednesday October 8th Ball Screen Offense
    Monday October 13th Ball Handling
    Wednesday October 15th Fast Break Offense
    Monday October 20th Basketball Attack Moves
    Wednesday October 22nd Off Ball Defense/Help side
    Monday October 27th Basketball Cuts
    Wednesday October 29th Scoring after screening


    Gold Medal Gym

    455 East Warner Road Chandler, AZ 85225